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Low Cost Cell Phone Companies

To look for the discounts with cell phone companies is no more a time consuming job. A number of options are available through various websites which allow you to compare and eliminate and even assist you step by step in gauging your future calling needs with cell phone companies! Since cell phone companies require you to sign an annual or two year contract with them, you need to be careful you choose a plan that will work for you. Since cell phones in the United States come with proprietary settings to discourage you from crossing over to other cell phone companies, the upside is that the cell phone itself is provided free of cost or at subsidized rates!

Some of the most popular cell phone companies include T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Cingular. All of these cell phone companies are extremely competitive when it comes to plans and monthly billings and the first step towards browsing through them to pick the right one must be predicting your calling needs. A number of consumers find in a month or two that the plan they chose through their service provider is not half as good as other cell phone companies. The only option left then is to pay a $150 or $200 fee to deactivate the contract and on top of it due to proprietary settings the phone is left useless!

If you know you will be calling for 20 minutes a day on weekdays and about an hour over weekends, then look for plans which provide you free talk time on the weekends with a lower rate during week days as well. Plans from cell phone companies like the $19.95 or $29.95 a month sound good for unlimited talk time but the cell phone companies omit the taxes part of it on the forefront. If you are reading the fine print carefully, you are bound to be surprised with your first bill, keep in mind to add about an extra $20 to your plan and that is the amount that must fit your monthly budget.

Cell phone companies are now increasingly offering prepaid plans for those who travel a lot or do not want a credit check for a new account. Even though the cell phone companies may not charge you a very hefty roaming charges, there might be charges from other networks on your account while you travel. Since not all cell phone companies cover rural areas or all areas, they use each other's services to keep you connected while on the move. So although your carrier does not charge you huge roaming charges, there may be charges to use the other networks. Prepaid plans give you the flexibility to pay as you go without any extra charges. Also, in case of a damaged credit or no credit or if you want to avoid a credit check, prepaid plans are again what you need.

Comparative tools can also be used to directly compare cell phone companies, so could check to see what a Verizon charges as opposed to Sprint Nextel for a family plan in your area. Such clear comparisons help you to take an instantaneous decision while choosing the most suited plan from all the cell phone companies in your area. Now and again, cell phone companies advertise hot deals which offer free minutes or a free cell phone with a particular plan which suits you. The best way to keep abreast of such discounts and offers is to sign up for a free newsletter from your favorite carrier or check their websites when a phone you have been waiting for.